About us

About us

Our new website

Welcome to our new website. We are in the process of moving over and getting all of our products listed once again. If you are interested in a product that you don’t see listed yet or need aditional information please use the contact link.

Our company

EkoBeekeeping is an online beekeeping supply company committed to offering only the highest quality beekeeping supplies, accessories and products of the hive.  We are a “Fair Trade” organization recognizing the need to do business with suppliers that treat their employees with respect and equality.  Further, eKoBeekeeping is a “paperless” company thereby passing on the savings which is reflected in our pricing schedule.  Since we do not maintain a retail storefront or “bricks & mortar” location, further savings are realized.  Our goal is to provide only the highest quality American made products followed by European sourced vendors.  We do not import any products from South East, Far East or Middle East Asia.

Our team

Our company is a family owned LLC with 100% of workers being family members. Currently there is three generations manufacturing, shipping, billing and providing customer service at eKoBeekeeping.  The fourth generation has started working with honey bees and we hope to have some from this next generation continue in the tradition of providing superior service to our customers and living the life of managing honey bees.


We are always available to answer any questions you might have.  Never hesitate to email or call us with ideas for new products or questions concerning beekeeping equipment and management.  We are beekeepers that use what we sell.  We are intimately familiar with all products sold in our company.

Thank you for visiting eKoBeekeeping.com, truly a family owned company.
Dr. Joe & Holly Carson
Joey & Hanny Carson